Foot wisdom Technology (Z-Smart) is China's leading wearable device technology company, committed to a set of medical health, motion detection, security payment, convenient life etc. new science and technology to the design, research and development of various miniature wearable devices.

Company has top talent in science and technology, to do the ultimate in hardware quality, program design and system compatibility, we can for enterprise building with the characteristics of their products and play product attributes set dressing equipment solutions, for individual consumers to provide a safe, accurate, convenient, beautiful dress consumer goods.

Our products are not only for the various types of products for individual consumers, but also for business users to build the enterprise wearable program. Including: individual consumers wearable technology products, including product design, development, production, packaging, and promotion; enterprise wear solve scheme for enterprise employees / business customer base) design, including product design, product structure design, firmware design and app design a series of complete strategic planning.

Service concept:

We can create for you, not just wear, there are more you can not think of the extension. Wear to be able to record for you, not only the time, there are more your unknown body password.

Life needs to be refined, and we offer you the most High scientific and technological experience in Geek's brain.