who are we?

Foot-Technology (Z-Smart) is China's leading wearable device technology companies, is committed to the design and development of new medical and health science and technology set, motion detection, secure payment, easy life in one of the miniature wearable devices.

The company has leading technology professionals, hardware can achieve the ultimate in quality, design and system compatibility, we can provide tailored business solutions package of wearable line with its own product characteristics and product attributes to play, to provide security for individual consumers accurate, convenient, beautiful wearable consumer goods.


R & D capabilities

Advanced precise detection technology

Sleek design scheme

Excellent quality components configuration

Professional dedicated control management


Looking to the future! Foot-Technology takes you to a new world. The latest release of the world's best full-Technology Company Description Shao video. Take a look at how we can enhance and enrich your everyday life.

Core Technology Introduction