Bluetooth sync
To provide you with the help of health

Medical grade intelligent health monitoring wear, is your personal health advisor, a small nurse, love the small cotton padded jacket.

Temperature: carry on the measurement of body temperature, record the change of body temperature.

R-R interval measurement: heart rate variability monitoring, through the monitoring of heart rate variability, can prompt the human psychological pressure and a variety of cardiovascular and chronic disease warning.

Blood pressure: blood pressure detection, the static human body using human using watch operation, complete their own blood pressure detection, understand the daily blood pressure changes, concerned about their own health.

Oximetry: blood oxygen content testing function, on the human body static or sleep state, use the watch, self oxygen real-time and dynamic detection.

Sleep: high precision monitoring and recording of the sleep phase and state of the night.

SOS a key call for help: encounter danger or emergency, can be a key call family phone.

Medication reminder: regular reminders to take medication.