Motion monitoring

total steps
2.08 km |150 kcal

Fitness monitoring

Traditional in heart rate table because of the bound, perspiration, scratches, the signal is not stable factors has been plagued by the majority of professional athletes and sports fans. Pulse Real patent photoelectric heart rate sensor technology to lead the world revolution in heart rate table, completely abandon the heart rate belt, continuous monitoring, high speed movement can also ensure the accuracy.

Fitness monitoring records, monitored and recorded a number of fitness and sports, including but not limited to indoor and outdoor running, cycling, strength training, aerobic training and low exercise heart rate, real-time read exercise heart rate and oxygen uptake data, summary of your sports performance and calorie burning. There are good stability and comfort in outdoor running and indoor aerobic exercise testing.

Max VO2 in the process of monitoring the body's maximum oxygen intake, in order to determine the body's ability to exercise.

Daily activity records, statistics of daily activities, steps, distance, calories, daily health alert supervision.

Environmental notice, can measure the UV index of the environment immediately, and can be synchronized with the latest mobile phone weather forecast.

Intelligent notification, through the wrist screen view SMS / micro channel and incoming call notification, can control the play / pause handset music playback, remote phone camera.

Professional level sports training monitoring

R-R interval measurement and analysis, to help the coach to observe and analyze the physical condition of the training staff and cardiac load.

GPS route tracking, to help the coach to understand the training of personnel track.