Heart rate: used to describe the cardiac cycle of professional terms, is to refer to the number of beats per minute of the heart, to the first sound. A normal adult resting heart rate had significant differences, in an average of 75 times per minute (60-100 / min between).

Heart rate is different from age, sex, and other physical conditions. The new-born infant's heart rate is very fast, up to 130 times / min. In adults, women's heart rate is generally slightly faster than men. One and the same person, in the quiet or sleep slow heart rate, exercise or emotional heart rate, under the influence of certain drugs or neurohumoral factors, the heart rate to speed up or slow down. Regular physical labor and physical exercise of the people, usually slow heart rate.

Heart rate may be an accurate measure of exercise intensity, can guide our effective exercise at any time. If the movement is too violent, your body's water evaporates too quickly, and the exercise is not good for the body. If your heart rate is not high enough, you will not be able to burn enough calories and exercise your heart muscle to enhance your heart and cardiovascular system.

R-R: Bio optical measurement technology, 1 seconds to 250 times the collection of cardiac rhythm data.